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Experience crystal-clear calls and unlimited possibilities with EPIC Hosted PBX and EMA and talk unlimited.

Better-Than-Ever Offers

Hosted PBX Service

Hosted PBX Service
$ Monthly
Unlimited Local call
$ Weekly (Bolt on)
Unlimited Calling US/UK/Cana

  • Our PBX solutions offer 

  • Efficient call routing, 

  • Seamless conference calling, 

  • Advanced voicemail features to enhance your team’s productivity.

  • enjoy crystal-clear calls and reliable connectivity, ensuring your business stays connected to its fullest potential.

EPIC MOBILE APP (EMA) for Business

Mobile Voice Calling
Unlimited local minutes.
$12.50 Weekly
Unlimited calls

  • Calls to all local providers in Dominica. 
  • Fixed and mobile.
  • Unlimited international calling to US/CAN and UK Fixed Lines.


Want To Go Faster?

The speed of data, as it travels from the Internet to your computer, is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Different activities require different speeds.

  • 50% off on professional installation
  • 10 hours of cloud DVR service
  • HD included
  • Speed good for 6-8 devices at the same time

Unlimited Calling to Dominica and USA

Experience unparalleled connectivity for your business with EMA by EPIC Communications. Our business-focused solution offers unlimited calls to both Dominica and the USA, ensuring seamless communication with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Stay connected effortlessly, enhance collaboration, and elevate your business communication with EMA.


Installation and equipment

EPIC offers routers and networking equipment for you to experience the mot economical internet connection. Connect all you smart devices in your home and enjoy the EPIC experience.


EPIC NET offers a range of cutting-edge WiFi devices designed to enhance the broadband experience for its customers. These devices are engineered to deliver fast, reliable, and seamless connectivity throughout homes and businesses

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