Title: Clarifying the Validity of 1-767-818-XXXX Phone Numbers in Dominica

Introduction: There’s been some confusion about the phone number range 1-767-818-XXXX in Dominica. This post clarifies that these numbers are indeed valid and belong to EPIC Communications.

Details: The 1-767-818-XXXX series is a legitimate part of Dominica’s phone numbering system. ‘1’ is the North American country code, ‘767’ is Dominica’s area code, and ‘818’ indicates EPIC Communications.

Importance: Recognizing this number range as authentic is crucial for avoiding unnecessary concerns, especially in an age where phone scams are common.

Advice: If you get a call from a 1-767-818 number, it’s from a valid Dominica number. Still, always verify the caller’s identity for safety.

Conclusion: Understanding that 1-767-818-XXXX numbers are legitimate helps in maintaining communication security. For more information, contact EPIC Communications or local authorities.

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